Double Strength WindowsDouble Strength WindowsEnhanced Security

Windows are a common entry point for break-ins; they tend to be the weakest element of your home’s construction. Long Windows are virtually burglar-proof, thanks to a number of security features.

Long Windows include not just one but two outer panes of double strength glass, which is twice as thick (1/8″ vs. 1/16″) and twice as strong as standard single strength glass. This makes it more difficult to break-in and gain entry into your home.

Our computer controlled manufacturing process guarantees superior frame strength. There are no screws and no caps, the frame is welded together – the process insures structural integrity and a window that is virtually burglar-proof.

Many replacement windows have vinyl locks which are screwed into the frame from the top, making the window relatively easy to break into. Long Windows feature steel locks that are recessed into the window sash, making it nearly impossible to burglarize.

Security Stealth DesignSecurity Stealth DesignOur “stealth” designed lock is sleek in style and secure in operation. With its imbedded housing and progressive cam action mechanisms it is one of the most secure window locks on the market today. The low profile offers both form and function; having the housing inset below the frame increases strength and offers a more secure positive locking system. It’s the latest technology in lock design.

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