Noise Reduction and UV Protection

Reduce Noise Levels

If you live on a busy street, the neighbor’s teenage son has taken up the drums or you simply don’t want the baby woken up by airplanes flying overhead – whatever your particular reason, you don’t want unwanted noise infiltrating your home.  Long Windows can greatly reduce outside noise from entering your home, making for a more peaceful home environment.

There are levels of sound reduction.  A typical double pane window will provide more sound reduction than a single pane.  A typical triple pane window can provide more sound reduction than that of a double pane unit.

There are certainly other factors that contribute to how sound proof your home is such as insulation, wall thickness, etc.  However, Long Windows, made with suspended film, can provide more sound reduction than a triple pane window – which can reduce noise and make your home a quieter and more peaceful environment to relax and enjoy.


Q-Film ProtectionQ-Film ProtectionSuperior UV Protection

Long Windows employ patented Heat Mirror® technology to block 99.7% of harmful ultraviolet (UV) light rays. Keeping UV light out of your home protects your blinds, upholstery and rugs from fading and discoloration.

Heat Mirror® was heralded by BusinessWeek magazine as “a major technological advance…The coating on the film is so thin that it is ‘porous’ to photons in the visible-light spectrum, and thus invisible to the eye. But to the longer-wave heat rays, the coating is more opaque…and therefore prevents these rays from passing through…”

The Chicago Sun-Times reported that “unlike ordinary glass, which absorbs heat and then re-radiates it in both directions, Heat Mirror® is heat reflective and provides the thermal performance of five panes of glass…”

Popular Science magazine remarked that the Heat Mirror® was one of the 100 greatest inventions around the house. “FOR YEARS, windows were a big yawn. Sure, they let in too much cold in the winter and heat in the summer”…”Among the dramatic innovations were coatings that let in light but not heat; inert-gas filling between panes; and heat-stopping edge spacers.” Click here to read the article »

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