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Roofer Serving Homeowners in Washington, D.C.

roofer Washington, D.C.We bring trust and peace of mind to every Long Roofing® roof.

For over 70 years, the LONG brand has ben a trusted source for homeowners in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Today, when you need a roofer in the Washington, D.C. area and want to ensure that only the most skilled experts will perform the job, contact Long Roofing®.

Feel confident about the roof over your head.

You need more than high-quality roofing materials to keep the inside of your house protected from rain, snow, and ice (although you’ll get great roofing products from Long Roofing®, as well).  For a roof to truly perform to its highest potential, it needs to be installed by skilled roofers.

That’s why we only hire the most experienced roofing experts in the Washington D.C. area. These professionals are trained in every facet of roofing, and will ensure that your roof will be installed quickly and properly.

In fact, Long Roofing® holds the coveted CertainTeed SELECT ShingleMaster accreditation – a certification that only one percent of U.S. roofers earn.

Understanding the whole roof system

You spend your life under your roof, but do you actually know what’s up there? Here’s what goes into the whole roof system:

  • The deck, the wooden, structural surface of the roof.
  • The drip edge, which guides water off the eaves.
  • The ice and water barrier applied to the deck to prevent damage from potential ice damming.
  • The underlayment to keep the deck dry while shingles are applied.
  • Flashing to protect spots where the roof meets a vertical wall, like a chimney.
  • Shingles to repel water and protect the roof. They look great, too!
  • Ventilation to ensure your roof stays cool and dry, regardless of the conditions.

The elements of the whole roof system

Types of Long Roofing® roofs

When you hire us as your Washington, D.C. roofer, you can choose from two types of high-quality roofs for your home:

Shingle roofs

  • Available in a vast array of colors, such as Dove Gray, Coral Frost, and Mint Frost
  • Resist staining caused by airborne algae

Shake-style roofs

  • Made from highly durable laminated fiberglass but have the rich, natural look of wood shakes
  • Have a high-definition appearance and are available in multiple rustic-looking colors like Aged Bark, Chestnut and Cobblestone Gray
  • Stand firm against winds up to 110 mph

You can be confident in the investment that you make in our roofing. We offer a transferable, non-prorated warranty that will cover materials and labor for 50 years.

For more information about hiring us as your roofer in Washington D.C., please contact us today.

logoSsr-LgLong Roofing® has achieved CertainTeed’s highest credential level as a SELECT ShingleMaster. This highly coveted accreditation is received by only 1% of the roofers in the nation.