16-Step Installation Process

Our Unique Process Ensures Your Kitchen Install will be Effortless

Long Kitchen installers are professionals. Our unique 16-step installation system ensures that your new kitchen will be installed correctly.

Kitchen - Step 1 1. Existing water, power and utility lines are shut off. Electricity and plumbing to sink, faucet, disposal, dishwasher, range, oven and refrigerator are disconnected. Kitchen - Step 2 2. Floors and appliances are protected with cardboard and drop cloths. Appliances are removed and relocated during the installation process.
Kitchen - Step 3 3. Existing sink, faucet, countertops and backsplash are removed and disposed of at appropriate landfill site. Kitchen - Step 4 4. Existing base cabinets, wall cabinets and moldings are removed and also disposed of at appropriate landfill site.
Kitchen - Step 5 5. If specified, minor floor and wall repairs are completed at this time. Clients may also opt to utilize this time period for painting or wall/ceiling modifications (DIY). Kitchen - Step 6 6. Beginning with the highest point on floor and adjusting for any new additional flooring height, we mark the necessary level and plumb lines on walls for hanging the new base and wall cabinets.
Kitchen - Step 7 7. New wall cabinets are carefully hung, plumbed, shimmed, leveled and connected starting from any corner and working outward. Kitchen - Step 8 8. New base cabinets are carefully hung, plumbed, shimmed, leveled and connected, again starting from any corner and working outward.
Kitchen - Step 9 9. New matching stained wood toe kicks, end skins, shelves, under-sink tilt-out trays, optional shelving units and/or convenient roll-out trays are inserted. Kitchen - Step 10 10. Premium quality, heavy duty pulls and knobs are attached. Doors and drawers are plumbed and leveled for a truly clean, attractive line-of-sight.
Kitchen - Step 11 11. Optional and necessary moldings and trims are installed with very careful attention to detail. Kitchen - Step 12 12. Existing appliances are reconnected and new appliances are installed as well as any new modern conveniences.
Kitchen - Step 13 13. Premium, custom countertops, sinks and faucets are precisely installed directly by our qualified installers or fabricators, if specified on work order. Kitchen - Step 14 14. Interior and exterior of cabinets are cleaned and wiped down; countertops as well. Any and all work related debris is then hauled away to appropriate landfill site.
Kitchen - Step 15 15. Our installers have final inspection with client and completion certificate is signed. After receiving final payment, no-nonsense warranties are mailed to client. Kitchen - Step 16 16. Post-inspection visit by design consultant is scheduled within weeks of installation to personally thank clients and obtain “after” pictures and testimonials.

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