New Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinet Replacement and Installation

Looking for kitchen cabinets for your new home, or are you remodeling your current home and searching for kitchen cabinets that will give the busiest room in your house a fresh, updated look? Long Kitchens has a wide selection of kitchen cabinets, ranging from traditional to contemporary styles and suitable for formal or casual designs. No matter what your taste, we’re certain to have a kitchen cabinet you’ll love!

Is it Hard to Replace Old Cabinets with New Cabinets?

Many people ask us if cabinet replacement is difficult, and our answer is always the same – cabinet installation is always easy for our clients! At Long Kitchens, we follow a tried-and-true installation process that makes it easy for you, the client, to get the perfect kitchen cabinets at a price you can afford. From our complimentary in-home design consultation through measurements, installation and project clean-up, you can count on the Long Kitchens team to make the cabinet installation process go smoothly.

Kitchen Cabinet Materials

Long Kitchens uses only the finest quality materials for kitchen cabinets in Maryland, Virginia, or Washington DC. Unlike other manufacturers who may use particle board to craft their cabinets, all of our cabinets are made using furniture-grade wood. This means that our kitchen cabinets are built for a lifetime of use and are able to support heavy duty appliances and specialty countertops.

Our cabinets are available in a variety of materials, finishes and styles, including:

Materials Finishes Styles

A Vast Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Selection

The right cabinet hardware can tie together your kitchen’s overall design, adding yet another layer of spark and interest and really making your kitchen cabinets stand out. Long Kitchens allows you to select the specific new cabinet hardware that meets your taste. Whether you’re looking for sleek brushed nickel pulls, more formal cabinet hardware or want to add a touch of whimsy to your kitchen, Long Kitchens is certain to have just the cabinet hardware you’re looking for.

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