Beauty Built To Last

Long Kitchen Materials are the Best in the Business.

Long Kitchens prides itself on using top quality materials to create a beautiful ktichen for your home.


Long Kitchen cabinetry is made of premium furniture quality wood – not particle board like many of our competitors.

Your cabinets will undergo a 17 step protective process which creates an extremely professional, “baked-on” furniture quality finish. This ensures they’ll maintain a quality appearance for years to come. This process far exceeds certification requirements set by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association, which is considered the standard for quality cabinetry.

Cabinet DoorPreparation

Your Long Kitchen cabinets start off as premium grade wood – imported hardwood, oak, birch, maple or cherry. They are then sanded by machine and again by hand for smoothness and consistency. Several pre-stains are hand applied; this minimizes color variations in the wood and provides a base for later coats of stain, guaranteeing color uniformity.


Once prepped, a deep penetrating stain is sprayed on and then hand polished with a soft china bristle brush to make sure the stain penetrates into the pores of the wood and covers all surfaces. Your stained cabinets are then slowly dried in a dust free chamber to further enhance color penetration and bring out the natural beauty and characteristics of the wood.

As a next step, a special non-yellowing chemical resistant sealant is applied to further protect the stained surfaces. Then your cabinets are dried slowly in a pre-cure oven. Once dry, the pre-cured wood is baked at 175 degrees in a high velocity kiln oven; this ensure a complete cure throughout the wood.


Next, an exclusive protective catalyzed varnish with special UV inhibitors is applied. This unique resin is transparent but helps protect the color from yellowing and fading. Once again, your cabinets are placed in a pre-cure oven to dry and then baked in a high velocity kiln oven at 175 degrees.

After the initial baking, your cabinets are sanded with ultra-fine grit sandpaper for smoothness. Then, a second coat of protective catalyzed varnish is applied. The cabinets are again pre-cured in a dust free chamber and slow baked in a high temperature oven. This multi-step process makes your cabinets resistant to moisture, most household chemicals and everyday wear and tear.


Long Kitchens offers a wide variety of countertops that are both beautiful and easy to maintain. All countertops are non-porous, which greatly reduces the risk of bacteria absorption and keeps your kitchen free of contamination.

Counter Pure Quartz

When you choose a premium 93% pure quartz crystal countertop, you get the beauty of granite without the drawbacks. Unlike granite, quartz cannot be permanently stained by cooking oils or grease; nor can it be affected by the acids found in common household products.

Manufactured quartz crystal is uniform in color, pattern and texture, making matching easier than with granite – which can have unpredictable variations between slabs. It’s also more durable and scratch-resistant than granite; only diamonds, topaz and sapphires are harder than quartz.

Counter Acrylic

Long Kitchens also offers premium acrylic solid surface countertops which are as durable as they are beautiful. These countertops do not require sealing. They’re naturally resistant to heat, mold, mildew and most stains; even tough stains are easily buffed away. They are renewable and easily repaired; even scratches can be removed.

Counter HD

Premium high definition architectural laminate is another countertop option offered by Long Kitchens. Based on technologies first developed for laminate flooring, these countertops exceed industry wear resistance standards by two hundred percent. Even more appealing is the appearance of depth and texture, the flow of color and the play of light and shadow on these countertops. The beauty and affordability of premium high definition architectural laminate makes it an excellent choice for many Long Kitchen clients.

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