What is the Integrity Roof System®?

The benefits of a single manufacturing source: the Integrity Roof System® Whether you need a roof replacement immediately or you’re planning to make the investment down the road, you may not realize that there’s a lot more to consider than the … Continue reading

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The ritzy side of roofing: Are Luxury and Designer Shingles right for you?

The Benefits of Luxury and Designer Shingles Having a home that’s safe, functional, and good-looking is the goal for many homeowners. That’s where luxury and designer shingles come in to play.   High-quality architectural shingles (also referred to as laminate … Continue reading

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Roof financing options to consider for your roof replacement

How will you pay for your new roof?     Roof replacement is an important investment. The good news — there are plenty of financing options available to make sure you’re not breaking the bank, shingle by shingle. Financing a new … Continue reading

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Windows and Home Security: How to Make Your Home Safer

How Your Windows Affect Home Security The warm weather of summer transforms many homeowners into weekend warriors who begin tackling their to-do lists. It’s also the start of vacation season for most families. One downside? Summertime also means a rise … Continue reading

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Your new roof looks great! How to find the best look for your home

Long Roofing’s guide to new roof aesthetics You’re going to live with your new roof for a long time! Choosing your new shingle style is a big deal. Thankfully, there are hundreds of color, style and texture combinations for your new … Continue reading

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Interested in energy-efficient windows? Here’s what you should do

The Energy-Saving Benefits of New Windows Interested in outfitting your home with energy-efficient windows? That’s a major project — but window replacement can really pay off. New windows are a great way to refresh the look of your home. Vinyl replacement … Continue reading

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How to get the best roof warranty

Roof Warranty Notes for Smart Homeowners A roof warranty gives a homeowner real peace of mind after making a major home investment. Like any warranty, however, your roof warranty should make sure you understand the protection you are receiving. Let’s take a closer look … Continue reading

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Window Replacement Project? Make Sure You See the Difference

Window replacement is a big deal. Think about it — you may only buy new windows once in your life. You probably don’t have a lot of window replacement experience. Who’s going to help you? We are. Let’s break down the components … Continue reading

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A comprehensive guide to flat roof systems

Flat roof systems are a bit of an outlier. Most modern residential homes have relatively steep pitches. However, in many U.S. cities with older housing stock — think Federal Hill in Baltimore or Alexandria, Virginia’s Old Town — the roofs are often … Continue reading

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How does home appraisal work?

According Realtor.com, spring through summer is the busiest time for buying and selling homes in most markets. The days are longer, the weather is more cooperative and blooming landscapes really boost curb appeal. But before you list your home or … Continue reading

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