Can I Get Energy Rebates By Replacing My Windows?

Replacing the windows in your home provides substantial befits. Your home instantly becomes more attractive, more energy efficient, and even safer if you purchase the right high-quality window. However, many home owners are intimidated by the cost of replacement windows … Continue reading

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Look for 2 Windows Labels to Get the Right Replacement Windows for Your Home

 You finally drift off to sleep after hours of commute home in a storm.  Just as you count your last sheep, “WHOOOOO” howls through the gaps in old windows and you’re wide awake again.  The chill in the air has … Continue reading

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8 Reasons It Pays for a Homeowner to Hire a Pro Installer

 When renovating your home it is important to consider everything involved.  The financial costs go way beyond the materials alone.  Trying to save money on installation is often a huge mistake.  Here are the reasons why a pro should install … Continue reading

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Top 3 Reasons to Replace Your Windows

1. Increase energy efficiency. Whether you have your original windows or had them replaced years ago, most homes still have single-pane windows which leak energy, causing you to constantly have to crank up your HVAC unit. New windows with high … Continue reading

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Replacement Windows: Before and After Long Fence and Home Came In!

Just in time for the holidays, Long Fence and Home visited Falls Church, VA to donate replacement windows, gutters and gutter jackets for four veteran families, as part of Decorate-A-Vet. Founded by Jeff Jones of Classic Stonescaping in 2010, Decorate-A-Vet … Continue reading

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What new window replacements in MD, VA and DC can do for you!

New windows can improve your home and your life When it comes to making a home more energy-efficient, many people think they need to install solar panels or get a new HVAC system. In reality, however, one of the easiest … Continue reading

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Finding Replacement Windows In Northern Virginia

Finding the right windows for your northern Virginia home can be a difficult process. Whether you are a do-it-yourself homeowner, or someone who would rather leave it to the professionals, the journey can be packed with questions and concerns. The … Continue reading

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The Home Improvement Season: Preparation Tips

Spring time is closing in.  Its pace may not be as hurried as some would like, but I am confident warmer weather is on the way.  Spring is usually when homeowners begin their home improvement projects.  The days leading up … Continue reading

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Home Improvement to Sell a Home

If headlines are any indication, Americans are starting to put money back in their homes. This points towards an improving economy and more stable ground for the housing and home improvement industries. It may have been quite some time since … Continue reading

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The Best Use Of Your Remodeling Budget

The outside of a home speaks volumes about the owner(s). From the yard to the roof, the exterior is the first impression your home provides for visitors. For those trying to sell, it is also where you’ll find the best … Continue reading

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