What do you really know about your home’s gutter system?

You never think about your gutter system unless you have a problem. And why would you? You have a busy life. But there is one thing you should always remember… Water ruins everything. When working properly, your gutter system diverts … Continue reading

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Storm chasers: Keep them off your roof

The term storm chasers commonly refers to adventurers who insert themselves in severe weather situations for science or thrills. There’s a subset of professional roofers who have earned this title, as well — but their adventure is making fast money off of you and your neighbors.  What … Continue reading

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Squirrels in your attic? That’s bad news.

Sure, squirrels can be pretty adorable. But when a dray of squirrels decide to move into your attic, it’s anything but cute. Squirrels can do all sorts of damage that you may not expect, and getting rid of them can be a major … Continue reading

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Why roof flashing is the unsung hero of your home

Shingles get all the credit. Asphalt shingles look nice, they stand up to the weather and they’re tough and durable. Shingles, though, are only part of the whole roof system. The unsung hero of the operation is roof flashing. Read: … Continue reading

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A homeowners’ guide to roof inspection

You think you need a new roof. You call for a quote and some guys from the roofing company pay you a visit. They say they need to do a roof inspection. They go outside and walk around your house … Continue reading

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East Coast weather raises threat of roof storm damage all year long

Some parts of the country brace for one or two types of severe weather each year. Here in the eastern United States, however, we can see rough weather in any season. That means roof storm damage is a real possibility, all … Continue reading

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Movember begins at Long Fence and Home, where the cause is close to the heart

The idea was hatched by two friends in Australia in 2003. Thirteen years later, Movember is an international phenomenon. Each November, Movember participants grow out their mustache for a month and raise awareness around men’s health issues. Also known as … Continue reading

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Buying or selling a house? Here’s how a home inspection works

A home inspection helps ID areas of the home that need an update or repair. The home inspection lets a buyer make an informed decision when purchasing a property. Jessica Richardson, a realtor serving the Washington, D.C. metro area, estimates that a … Continue reading

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What is roofing underlayerment, and why do you need it?

Your roof protects your home from the elements. Pretty basic stuff, right? Less obvious are the parts that go into the whole roof system. Maybe you’ve never heard of roofing underlayment. It’s doing a lot of work for you every … Continue reading

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How does my chimney work? Your chimney, explained

Lucky enough to have a working fireplace? Whenever the weather turns brisk and cool, it’s fun to warm up in front of a roaring fire. But have you ever asked yourself – how does my chimney work? Odds are that you haven’t, … Continue reading

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