Why Remodel Your Bathroom?

Whether motivated by putting your house on the market or simply want to treat yourself to a luxurious retreat, a remodeled bathroom increases your overall home value. In fact, of all home improvement projects bath remodeling typically has one of the best returns on investment.

Why Choose Long Baths?

Completely remodeling a bathroom is an expensive and large undertaking. The amount of time it requires can exceed several weeks. Why risk all of the headaches associated with a complete remodel? The demolition, the mess, the weeks of inconvenience, not to mention the cost.

Long Baths acrylic bath and wall systems are simply an easier, more enjoyable and cost-effective way to achieve the bathroom of your dreams in as little as one day. You will have a bathroom you will love installed by a company you can trust.

The Benefits of Acrylic

Acrylic bath and wall systems are the perfect solution when updating your bathroom. Long Baths uses the thickest material in the industry. In addition to acrylic being more economical and faster to install, the nonporous surface is easy to clean and won’t stain, chip or peel. Plus, every bath system is exclusively protected with SilverShield –built in silver ion antimicrobial protection to eliminate the growth of mold and mildew. In addition to acrylic being more economical and faster to install, the non-porous surface is easy to clean, won’t stain, chip or peel and is mold and mildew resistant. So your bathroom will stay looking brand new for years to come.
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Endless Possibilities

Think a one-day bathroom remodel will limit your creativity? Think again.

Long Baths include elegant tub and shower colors, intricate wall patterns, designs inspired by natural stone, and upscale shower door styles. You can further customize your new bathroom with accessories such as shower caddies, soap dishes, grab bars, and curved shower rods.

Let your creativity soar – Long Baths is here to turn your dream bathroom into a reality.


Our installation experts receive hands-on training to be the best in the business. Long Baths are installed using a certified triple seal system to ensure a water-tight seal – eliminating the possibility for mold and mildew growth. Long Baths are installed using a certified triple seal system to ensure a water-tight seal. We get a lot done in just one day!
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Safety and Hydrotherapy

Make sure your bathroom ages as gracefully as you do. Our innovative bath safety features promote independent living with safety and accessibility. Our low thresholds, built-in shower seats and walk in tubs will address all of your safety concerns. Or perhaps you just want to experience a relaxing spa-like atmosphere at home and take advantage of the health benefits of hydrotherapy.
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Think Green

In addition to the other benefits of acrylic bath systems they are also the greener way to go! By installing over your old fixtures you are sending less waste to land fills.

Design Showcase

From muted traditional to bold modern and everything in between – Long Baths has the design expertise to help you select just the right style for your new bathroom. Look at our Design Showcase to get started and see the many design possibilities.
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Dramatic Transformations

As these before and after pictures demonstrate, in as little as one day a once embarrassing, unattractive and outdated bathroom can be dramatically transformed into a contemporary, elegant, luxurious and functional bathroom that you’re proud to show off.
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